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What is Delightfyl?

Delightfyl is a first person story driven stealth experience.

You take the role of Yoana, a masterful thief and naturalist, who together with her sidekick and partner, Zaya, investigates her mysterious past.

The city is old and build with sweat, tears and blood but Yoana is well versed in its layers and rifts.

Deep under, where old city stacks atop of the next... unlimited danger and treasure awaits.

Yoana is only equipped with a large array of tools and gadgets... the rest she has to steal.

Hardcore Stealth and Immersive Simulation

  • Stealth based on visibility and sound
  • Highly sensible and interactive AI
  • Multiple Tools and Gadgets
  • A vast variety of loot to find
  • Physics interaction to either distract AI or overcome obstacles
  • Swimming, Climbing, Crouching and Mantling
  • Ladders and Ropes
  • Special objectives
  • Different difficulties
  • Quicksave/Quickload and Hardsave
  • Special Items and Secret areas

You decide on what way you complete a mission. You can kill whenever you want or just sneak past everyone and never be seen. Take as much loot as you must... but not everything? Explore every inch of the level until you are absolutly satisfied!

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Minimum Hardware Requirements

Operating SystemWindows 10
CPURyzen 5
GTX 1050 / GTX 1060
Free Space7gb

Best played with Headphones

All the music in this game is unique and was made for this game

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
AuthorGlinny | Felicitas
TagsStealth, Story Rich


Delightfyl_Update_002_HOTFIX.zip 2 GB

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